The partnership between HARTING and Schneider Electric Company delivers solutions for real world Data Center applications.

HARTING and Schneider Electric Partnership Series

A quick overview of HARTING and Schneider’s partnership

HARTING and Schneider Electric partner up to deliver solutions for data centres

“We partner with HARTING to deliver innovative solutions such as our critical power systems, cooling solutions, rack systems, and edge environments.”- Jesse Hanz, Director, Schneider Experience Centers

Customised solutions from HARTING for prefabricated Data Centres

Learn how Han® HPR helped Schneider enable the rapid deployment of prefabricated Data Centers

“HARTING was the only manufacturer that was able to develop a customised solution, meet the power requirements, and deliver to us in under eight weeks.”- Scott Neal: Director, Schneider Prefabricated Data Centers

Discover how Han-Eco® and PushPull with PreLink® replaced hardwiring

Reducing hardwiring in Data Centres

“The connectors are quick so you don’t have to worry about point-to-point wiring in the junction box.”- Jeff St. Clair: Product Manager, Schneider Cooling

Innovative data centre solutions from HARTING and Schneider Electric

See how Han-Eco® helped Schneider Industries address their customers’ need for a quick rack system

“They had a key piece of the technology for us, the Han-Eco® connector, which is the universal PDU connector.”- James Kummer: Product Manager, Schneider Rack Systems

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