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Railtex 2019

Weight reduction is a key trend within the rail vehicle construction sector. The Han-Eco range complies with standards IEC 61948 and EN 45545-2 HL3 and is fire-resistant according to UL94 V0. It also offers substantial weight savings of up to 50% per connector, compared to traditional metal versions.

M12 PushPull

Interior fitting work in trains is often awkward due to tight space conditions, meaning ducts and the interior of control cabinets can be difficult to reach. The M12 PushPull uses an intuitive, tool-free connection technique that ensures absolute dependency. As well as simplifying difficult fittings, PushPull also allows the assembly density to be significantly increased, helping to save valuable space.

If a train is to function reliably and safely, regular maintenance intervals are essential. To speed up this process, HARTING has developed a robust UHF RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Reader, which can be used to automatically identify trains and their workings, e.g. axles and individual carriages, as it enters the maintenance area. The RFID system also notifies engineers about the condition of critical parts, allowing them to focus on components that require servicing.

Inter-car jumpers

Thanks to our decades of experience in the railway sector, we can assist you with the specialist design and manufacture of inter-car jumpers for power and data, mounted between, under or on trains. Our innovative turnkey solutions are developed and built at our UK facility in Northampton, based on your specific requirements.

Data networks in trains can be securely built and future-proofed using the preLink system and EtherRail cables, which are specifically designed for railway requirements. The central component of preLink is the termination block, which simplifies the creation of the cable connection. The miniaturised contact block also makes it possible to pre-fabricate data cables outside the carriage before installing them.

ix Industrial

As devices in trains reduce in size and passenger information screens become thinner and flatter, it stands to reason that connectors must also decrease in size. The ix Industrial is a robust Ethernet connector to replace the traditional RJ45, with a 70% smaller PCB jack. It is standardised to comply with IEC 61076-3-124 and conforms to the shock and vibration resistance levels set out in EN 50155 railway specifications.

Space saving is also a key benefit of the new Han 1A connector. Its miniaturised, modular design means it is the ideal solution for supplying door drives, entry systems, lighting and signal generators. The Han 1A can handle data, signals and power and the transmission of data and signals is effectively protected against electrical and magnetic interference according to the relevant railway standards.

Han 1A

RFID Maintenance Game

Discover how HARTING’s UHF RFID system can assist with critical maintenance issues. See if you can identify the wheel flat, then use our RFID reader and tags to learn more about the numerous applications for RFID in the rail industry. At the end of the show, one lucky player will also win the Lego train used in our demonstration!

Rail Industry Vote

Have your say on the latest rail industry topics by casting your vote in our poll. We’ll be asking stand visitors to use our state-of-the-art, interactive voting station to give us their opinions on the hottest trends relating to rail, so come along and make sure your voice is heard.

PushPull Timed Challenge

How fast can you terminate connections? Take our PushPull Timed Challenge to discover the timesaving benefits of our PushPull range versus traditional screw connections. Plus, get the fastest time and you’ll win a great prize!