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Railtex 2022

The HARTING VarioShell is a flexible housing for inter-car connections, consisting of two parts that can be separated. This creates an open system that simplifies assembly and allows quick access for maintenance and repair. This fixed framework can be filled with a variety of interfaces, contacts and insulating bodies (monoblocs and modular connectors) as required. Thanks to this flexibility, the VarioShell significantly reduces the number of interfaces required in the railcar coupling area.

Han® HPR TrainPowerLine

For cable-based power supply in the underfloor area, the industry standard UIC 552 been in place for decades. The new HARTING Han® HPR TrainPowerLine reduces working time thanks to pre-assembly. Only two connector variants are required instead of five, reducing the number of components used. This in turn saves weight and simplifies handling, making the TrainPowerLine future-proof and sustainable.

Previous solutions in transformer connections relied on housings made of plastic, which only last a few years. So HARTING have devised a durable, pluggable solution with the High-Performance Transformer Connector (400, 850 or 1400A). With housings designed according to the HPR standard, power above 4 kV can now be supplied in the underfloor area and a significantly longer service life achieved.

Han® Eco

Weight reduction is a key trend within the rail vehicle construction sector. The Han® Eco range complies with standards IEC 61948 and EN 45545-2 HL3 and is fire-resistant according to UL94 V0. It also offers substantial weight savings of up to 50% per connector, compared to traditional metal versions.

Space saving is also a key benefit of the new Han® 1A connector. Its miniaturised, modular design means it is the ideal solution for supplying door drives, entry systems, lighting and signal generators. The Han® 1A can handle data, signals and power and the transmission of data and signals is effectively protected against electrical and magnetic interference according to the relevant railway standards.

Han® 1A
M12 PushPull

Interior fitting work in trains is often awkward due to tight space conditions, meaning ducts and the interior of control cabinets can be difficult to reach. The M12 PushPull uses an intuitive, tool-free connection technique that ensures absolute dependency. As well as simplifying difficult fittings, PushPull also allows the assembly density to be significantly increased, helping to save valuable space.

Thanks to our decades of experience in the railway sector, we can assist you with the specialist design and manufacture of inter-car jumpers for power and data, mounted between, under or on trains. Our innovative turnkey solutions are developed and built at our UK facility in Northampton, based on your specific requirements.

Inter-Car jumpers

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