Improve Your Data Centre Asset Management with RFID

Data Centres are the linchpin to our modern working world that is built on digital, data and speed, they are essential but often an invisible component of our daily lives and industry success. With the world’s organisations and knowledge economies depending on the security and reliability of these Data Centres to maintain their daily operations, it is vital that cost effective and trusted solutions are used to minimise security threats to physical elements of the Data Centre.

Through recent years there has been an increase in the development and use of co-location and rented Data Centres, where the operator/service provider manages the key assets – servers, switches, storage – for a variety of rental customers. The operational management and security of such sites can often be time consuming, open to human error and come with a high price tag due to the use of more traditional asset monitoring tools such as barcodes or low read range UHF RFID reader systems.

This requires employees to walk down aisles and identify the piece of equipment and its location - a very time-consuming task and as such, one that is not undertaken often. It also relies on the competence and integrity of the operator carrying out the check. In addition, several antennas would be required to read the asset tags for a typical 45U server rack, multiplying costs further for a complete server room installation.

The operational management and security of Data Centres can be open to human error

As the market turns to implementing, cost efficient and space saving solutions for Data Centre asset management the use of RFID technology such as transponders and antennas with suitable multiport readers improve Data Centre operational management and provides real-time asset monitoring and control.

Real-time monitoring of assets with the Ha-VIS LOCFIELD®

The Ha-VIS LOCFIELD® enables constant real-time monitoring of assets within single or multiple server racks. The flexible RFID LOCFIELD® antenna can easily be installed in any shape required and provides an adjustable read range, from a few centimetres to up to 2m just by changing the power of the RFID reader. The reader automatically registers passive RFID tags and continuously monitors, records and reports on asset movement, reducing liability issues.

Using the Ha-Vis LOCFIELD® system, data centres will benefit from constant real-time monitoring of assets within single or multiple server racks, with a space saving and flexible installation solution.


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