Railtex 2017 - Review

It has been a few weeks since the whirlwind that was Railtex 2017 and we have only just recovered here in the marketing department! It was a great chance to connect with customers both new and old and showcase some of our “future-proof” rail based solutions. If you didn’t get a chance to visit our stand then here is a recap of some of our highlights from the exhibition.

Gavin Stoppel, our product manager and resident RFID and embedded technology expert delivered a talk on Industry 4.0 and how embedded technology can be implemented  in response to the rise of digitalisation. It was a brilliant opportunity to discuss the concept of the digital retrofit as a solution to updating old legacy systems with an industry computer (such as  HARTING’s MICA). To bring such machinery and systems into the digital age, ready to handle Industry 4.0 based processes and tasks.

Additionally we were able to demonstrate the capabilities of the MICA using our demo unit on the stand, which attracted quite a lot of attention.  Gavin felt that ‘the MICA demonstration showed how easy it could be to monitor factors such as change in temperature and displays using a digital interface’.

Also on display was the new Embedded Transponder Base (ETB), demonstrating how the ETB monitors the condition of objects and identifies them from a distance of a few metres. The ETB provides a solution to a long time issue, the ability to monitor fast moving or rotating objects without the need for a battery or cable. Rail applications like axle slippage monitoring with this technology were discussed with stand visitors and were well received.

Our popular Han Connector range was also displayed with a few exciting editions such as the Han-Modular Hinged Frame Plus and the Han 34 HPR. The Han-Modular Hinged Frame Plus delivers a quicker assembly, increasing the overall efficiency. Additionally, the frame is suitable for more than 100 different modules enabling you to uniquely combine your power, signal and data needs in one connector

Likewise, the new Han 34 HPR housings retaining frames are designed so that they can now accommodate four 650 A contacts alongside one another in a single interface. This doubles the current-carrying capacity compared to the smaller HPR connector, operating more efficiently and therefore saving space making it ideal for rail applications.

If you have any questions on the best solution for your application, our product managers will be more than happy to assist.

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