Tom: My first year at HARTING

I am currently CAD apprentice looking to grow and develop my career in Engineering. This blog series aims to take you through my journey by sharing my experiences at HARTING.


The highlight of my first year has to be basic training at our Head Offices in Germany.  This was a great opportunity which I am grateful to have had the chance to partake in as it was an unforgettable experience. It was great to meet the product managers as I will be working closely with them in the future and it was good to be able to put a face to the names. The training was for employees from all over the world, so it was great to meet colleagues from different countries and learn about the cultures, also, the steak at the hotel was amazing!

Since joining the company I have developed both professionally and personally. My knowledge of both products and engineering as a whole have improved. Alongside this, my confidence when answering customer enquiries has grown. Within the office I now get involved in conversations with colleagues about products and discuss things further to really develop an understanding of where products can be used. On a personal level, my confidence has improved and I really enjoy working as a team with the product managers and others in the office, providing support where needed.

Tom at work.

My apprenticeship includes attending college one day a week, which provides a great balance of practical learning coupled with building my knowledge in the workplace. The first year has included learning how to use various machinery, including Milling machines, Centre lathes, welding and band saws. Over the summer I was thrilled to find out that I passed my first year at college and I am looking forward to the next one. 

Over the next year I hope to develop my knowledge even further, both of products and my CAD skills to become more proficient. I am hoping I will be able to visit customers with the external sales team to be able to see first-hand products in applications. There are so many opportunities, I will definitely be making the most of them!