Trends from integrated industry in one system

Smart factory packs your individual package

Test our modular, automated production and take delivery of your personal toy car set at the SPS.

Digitisation, miniaturisation, modular production, identification of all production resources, integration of the shop floor in ERP systems, and highly customised production for tailor-made customer solutions: these are the key trends of industry. HARTING unites these in the 'HAII4You' smart factory that incorporates all aspects of integrated industry. This factory will be presented live at SPS trade show (26 - 28 Nov. 2019).

Configure your personal toy car set

Ordered today and collected at the SPS trade show at the HARTING stand: Experience live how your individual order is packaged, labelled and transferred by KUKA robots in the 'HAII4You' smart factory. How it works:

  • Configure your set consisting of two SIKU toy vehicles in our web shop now. Along with the limited custom model HARTING VW Transporter, you can choose a second vehicle from different models.
  • You will receive an email with the order confirmation and a QR code.
  • Using this QR code, for example on your mobile telephone, you can trigger the production order during your visit to the HARTING stand in hall 10/140.
  • Experience live how your order is processed and take delivery of your finished set.

HARTING's 'HAII4You' smart factory

HARTING's smart factory "HARTING Integrated Industry 4 You" (HAII4YOU) provides a comprehensive implementation of solutions. The system demonstrates the complete vertical integration from the customer to the flexible production of a product, here using the example of a toy set. Starting with configuring and ordering in a web shop, the further processing in ERP systems and production are fully automatic. In the final stage, the set is individualised with the customer's name.

Dividing production into production cells

The HAII4You factory is special because it divides production into three production cells. These have their own autonomous controllers and are controlled by special flowcharts which are assigned to the product as product memory. The activities in each production cell are carried out by one KUKA lightweight robot, which can also be used as part of a human-robot collaboration (HRC).

The product is identified within a production cell and logistics using HARTING RFID technology based on the MICA® Edge Computing System from HARTING. But this is not all: We also use the smart factory to test a lot of other HARTING solutions and technologies in Industry 4.0 applications.

Digital twin and condition monitoring in cooperation with partners

Moreover, in cooperation with the IT service provider PerFact Innovation, a digital twin of the HAII4You plant is being produced. Permanent data and machine conditions are recorded as well as different solution expertises brought together for the virtual representation: The connection to the most diverse interfaces, the definition of data structures, basic analysis functions, the visualisation of selected machine parameters, as well as secure outside access to a machine. Everything has the primary aim of optimising the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) of the machine sustainably. The foundation for the solution is HARTING's Edge Computer MICA in combination with the "PerFact:MPA" service management software.

PerFact Innovation is also behind the bar-code scanner application which the trade fair visitor uses to start their individual customer order and can track the entire production procedure due to the combination of MICA and PerFact::MPA. This live representation is complemented with the current inventory and other production and service data.

For 20 years, PerFact Innovation GmbH & Co. KG from Herford has developed professional IT solutions for logistics, service & repairs and management and has collaborated successfully since 2013 with the HARTING Technology Group as part of the user organisation and the