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Current transformer

In addition to high functional reliability, HARTING's current transformers also feature excellent mechanical stability. They are well suited for other industrial sectors such as transportation applications. This product line includes current transformers for high-precision measurements of up to 7000 A. On request, HARTING can also have a state-approved testing centre calibrate the current transformers for measurement. Converters for measuring residual currents complete the portfolio. These can be used for monitoring plants and facilities.

Single-part residual current transformer for measuring current

HARTING's high-precision current transformers for measuring are primarily used for energy systems, especially in wind turbine and solar power facilities. The current transformers for measurement are often connected to display devices, such as electricity meters or voltage meters. On request, HARTING can also provide a state-approved testing centre calibrate the current transformers for measurement. This will help to emphasize the precision of your measuring and billing processes.

Residual current transformers – very robust and precise

Residual current transformer detect fault (residual) currents at an early stage. They then generate output signals that can be used to take the necessary troubleshooting action before a protective mechanism is triggered that would stop the facility.

HARTING residual current transformers are used to detect alternating currents up to 10 A; they are optimised for wind energy applications. The one-piece residual current transformer from HARTING detects residual currents in single-phase or multi-phase power supplies

This component measures the difference between the currents in the outgoing and return conductors for consumer loads. It is designed for a maximum cable diameter of 110 mm and can measure differential currents up to 10 A within a turns ratio of 1: 600. This ratio enables signals to be detected and output so that the electronic evaluation unit can process them. The possible frequencies range from 5 to 400 Hz.

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