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ix Industrial® : Miniaturised Industrial Ethernet Interface with 70% space saving

The HARTING ix Industrial® is the perfect solution for applications that require ethernet connection. Discover your solution and request a sample below!

Meet the ix Industrial®

The HARTING ix Industrial® is our answer to the future challenges posed by industry 4.0 and the IIoT. Device interfaces and system cable must be smaller, more powerful and yet robust.

Cat. 6A performance means the ix Industrial® mating face is engineered future-proof for 1/10 Gbit/s Ethernet, while its high current-carrying capacity enables current and future PoE applications. This interface consequently combines data transmission and power supply in a single interface, thereby additionally reducing the installation space required for termination technology in your applications. For example saving as much as 70% pcb real-estate area over existing RJ45 style Ethernet connectors!

The ix Industrial® connector is our clear commitment to miniaturisation. It sets a new standard for robustness and performance in ethernet interfaces. With IP20 rating, the ix Industrial is standardised to IEC/PAS 610-76-3-124.

The ix Industrial® is the perfect solution for various ethernet applications, here are some examples below


Servo Drive Controllers

  • Compact and space saving
  • Robust design against industrial environments
  • Electro magnetic interface protection
  • Quick and secure mating
  • High mating cycles
  • High vibration resistance

Inspection Camera

  • Robust design with high data rates for full HD.
  • Secure transmission of data, signal and power.
  • Quick connect/disconnect of modular production lines.
  • Compact and space saving.
Features and benefits of ix Industrial®

Data Network:

Data Centre Interface

  • Higher density and versatile in a limited space.
  • Robust design with high data rates (up to 10Gbits/s).
  • EMC - Electro-magnetic interface protection.

Machinery & Robotics:

Human Machine Interface

  • Highest density and versatile electronics in a limited space.
  • Robust design against harsh environmental conditions.
  • Immunity against electromagnetic interference (EMC).
  • Increasing demand for design as well as easy operation.


  • Compact size of components for transmission of power, data and signal.
  • Immunity against electromagnetic interference (EMC).
  • Equipment availability and short set-up times.
  • Robust design against harsh environmental conditions.
Features and benefits of ix Industrial®


Low Voltage Switchgears

  • Secure transmission of data, signals and power.
  • Quick connection and disconnection of system modules.
  • Minimum downtime and maintenance free operation.
  • Compact and space saving connection between units.

Contents of the sample box

  • ix Industrial® to RJ45 cable
  • PCB with an ix Industrial® and RJ45 insert
  • Captain ix USB with information on ix Industrial®


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