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Ha-VIS RFID4Logistics Forklift

New approaches are required for meeting the increasing demands on logistics. HARTING is moving in this direction with the Ha-VIS RFID4logistics – Forklift. Ha-VIS RFID4logistics – Forklift is directly integrated into the forklift and complements and extends the existing capabilities of stationary UHF RFID systems: Flows of goods are no longer only traceable, but can be actively controlled. In addition, full mobility makes it possible to react quickly and easily to changing circumstances.

The demands on logistics are increasing by the day. In the just-in-time era with a rapidly growing online market, companies are increasingly focusing their energy on meeting the demands of their customers. Returns are commonplace today and the customer also expects express deliveries together with reliable traceability of their shipment. Those who do not deliver their products at the right time, in the right quantity and quality at the right price will quickly see this reflected in their sales figures. Mistakes are not allowed. They are not only inconvenient to the customer, they are expensive too.

UHF RFID helps to meet the ever increasing pressure to optimize. Goods and products have already been tagged with RFID tags in the past making their routes traceable. HARTING has taken the next step with Ha-VIS RFID4logistics – Forklift. Instead of the usual practice of installing fixed reading points and recording the movements of goods, as previously done, the forklift truck itself has now become a mobile reader. Mobile versions of the proven RFID reader Ha-VIS RF-R300 have made this possible. Its power is supplied by the vehicle and its connection to the company network is via wifi or LTE. This results in a versatile RFID system that combines the advantages of a mobile reader with the reliability and power of a stationary one.

Stationary transponders interact with transponders on pallets to provide complete traceability - active control is even possible. Incorrect loading or unloading of pallets, containers and boxes is not only detectable afterwards, but can be directly avoided. This could be by a signal state to the driver or by not being able to complete the driving order. Mistakes are prevented while they are being made and expensive follow-up costs are avoided without interrupting the actual process.

Ha-VIS RFID4Logsitics - Forklift is the starting point for quickly and easily turning a vehicle into be a moving RFID reader. Its design has been optimized for use on a vehicle in a resource-saving way, while also providing enough robust quality to withstand the constant vibrations of a forklift truck, dust or even an unavoidable impact.

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