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The Reliable Choice for Connectivity in Agriculture

HARTING is the global choice provider of connectivity and IoT solutions for high demand and critical applications. Best known for world-class connector and cabling solutions for getting power, signal, and data quickly and reliably from point A to B, HARTING’s expertise also includes board level and backplane development and manufacturing complete RFID systems for asset control and management, and, most recently, a product to connect already existing equipment and devices to the IoT. 

In Agriculture, HARTING connectors make it easy to connect implements and other accessories to machinery and equipment. From rugged standard connectors, to customized board and wiring solutions, to our industry leading IoT solutions that enable you to connect equipment to the cloud and self-monitor, HARTING provides reliable connectivity solutions for an array of Agriculture applications.

Save Time with Rugged Connectivity Solutions

Connectivity solutions from HARTING are designed with time savings and ease of use for you and your end customer.

  • Your customers will realize the time saving benefits of quickly and  easily swapping implements and other accessories using our plug-and-play solutions.
  • Modular solutions mean you can connect different media (power, signal, data) in a single connection point.
  • Quickly disconnect sub-assemblies for shipment and easily re-assemble at the final location without confusion by using keyed connector options that make it impossible to mis-mate.

Perfect Your Design by Utilizing Custom Solutions

HARTING’s core expertise is providing the complete solution to our customers.   Make it easy by having us design, prototype, and produce your final product in one of our Global manufacturing facilities.  

Our expertise includes:

  • Cable and wire harnesses assembly 
  • High speed backplanes design and production
  • Modifications to standard products 

HARTING can also design completely new connectivity solutions.

Prevent Failures with Smart Connectors

Intelligent connectors from HARTING will differentiate your products from your competitors’. Smart connectivity means the connector will incorporate surge protection, enable tracking of maintenance activities, and more. Eliminate failures by instituting predictive diagnostics and preventative maintenance measures using smart connectors.  

Collect Data and Connect to the IoT with MICA

Improve processes and crop yields by making your equipment IoT ready with the HARTING MICA.  The HARTING IIC MICA (Modular Industry Computing Architecture) makes it possible to temporarily save, evaluate and process data in the vicinity of the equipment. Its robust enclosure makes it perfectly suited for harsh environmental applications.

More importantly, MICA is an edge device designed to connect equipment to the cloud, which means you can enable your customers’ equipment to collect and analyze data.  Or simply make localized decisions and to free up system resources so drivers can focus on other tasks. 

With the combined use of MICA, sensors, and mobile computing, the technology advancement opportunities are endless.

Simplify Your Implement Connection with the AEF High Voltage Connector

Consider the future electrification needs of your auxiliary units and attachments.. HARTING’s High Voltage Connector will aid in designs of full electric or hybrid drive systems on the tractor, and the increasing need for electric drives on auxiliary units.

High Voltage Connector:

  • Break-away functionality
  • 480 Volts AC and 700 Volts DC
  • Maximum power of 150 kW (200A)
  • IP69K protection
  • Temperature range from -40°C to 85°C

Manage Your Assets with RFID Solutions

Enable your customers to keep track of their equipment and accessories with HARTING’s RFID system, designed to address the rugged demands of Agriculture.

Here a just a few of many examples of where HARTING’s RFID products can help you become more efficient:

  • Use RFID tags to track preventative maintenance and repair schedules
  • Read from and write to tags to determine and indicate the last date of service
  • Asset track by checking equipment, implements, and accessories in and out of inventory without lifting a finger

Not only does HARTING offer complete RFID hardware and software solutions, we can connect you with authorized integration partners to assist you with project design and implementation.

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