Broadcast & Entertainment

New Thinking Creating Broadcast & Entertainment Innovations

HARTING has made “New Thinking” part of its corporate strategy. Thanks to “New Thinking”, HARTING is produ-cing Connectivity and Networks solutions for the triad of Installation Technology, Device Connectivity and Smart Network Infrastructure. These solutions cover all the automation lifelines – Data, Signal and Power. 

HARTING technology is encountered in all areas of the modern entertainment industry. The HARTING Technol-ogy Group offers reliable and proven Connectivity and Networks solutions that maximize the reliability, perfor-mance and success of applications for the entertainment industry – whether live events or recorded productions, on-site applications or mass media distribution.

Typical application areas of HARTING technologies include:

•     Radio and TV distribution, e.g. production, post-  production and content delivery
•     Lighting, automation & sound systems for event, entertainment & AV multimedia installations

Installation Technology

Industrial connectors and installation solutions (Han®)  for industrial infrastructure.

Smart Network Infrastructure

Network and RFID components  (Ha-VIS) for the installation of smart infrastructure solutions (ICPN).

Device Connectivity

Connectivity (har-) for devices that form part of the infrastructure.

Excellent reliability through  innovative design

HARTING is a recognized technology leader in Connectivity & Networks, not just for its pioneering component design but also by applying its expert detailed technical know-how to optimize value added design solutions to the benefit of Broadcast & Entertainment OEMs and End Users. HARTING Integrated Solutions (HIS) provides a good example of how its technical expertise in signal application management through FEM & SPICE modelling analysis and S-Parameters & Eye Diagram measurement verification, can assist customers to optimize backplane layering & tracking design, supporting an integrated Solution Selling approach.

From a component perspective HARTING continuously provides ground-breaking product  developments integrating significant features & benefits for the Broadcast & Entertainment market:


•      Single-handed operation to IP 65/67 protection
•      Smooth contoured shape allowing cable trunking pull-through
•      Internal locking system


•      Quick & simple “click-fit” insert assembly
•      Lightweight, black anti-reflective plastic IP 65 hoods and housings
•      Hood recessed lever locking pegs improve handling


  • Simple & flexible connector building block approach
  • Mixed signals through a single IP 65 connector
  • AV multimedia: Audio/Video/Data/Power signal options

Han® GND

•      “Potential Equalization” pluggable ground connector
•      Back-to-back couplers and cable-to-cable housings allow multicore distribution
•      Grounding points achieved through truss mounting clamps or patch cable lugs