Han® 50 D: Euromap interface for versatile injection molding machines

The European Association for Manufacturers of Plastics Processing Machinery has established standards for the interface requirements of plastics machinery. Since then, robots and other handling devices have been able to connect to robots via standardized interfaces. When designing machines and/or facilities, users will have the guarantee that the signal and data interfaces exactly fit together.

Han® 50 D at injection molding machine

The connections for aggregate units and additional machine modules are defined precisely. For example, when connecting a robot responsible for removing workpieces, the Euromap Standard 67 stipulates a Han® 50 D interface.

Han D® / DD®

The connector transmits the signals between the robot and the machine controller. The standard specifies which signals are transmitted over which contacts. It also defines the voltage and current limits for the signals. With their standards, Euromap has reinforced the trend towards modularization in the machinery construction sector. Operators of injection molding machines are faced with the challenge of making their production systems as versatile as possible.

The solution is modular design: standardized interfaces provide the versatility necessary for adapting the production facility to new requirements. 

The modular design and the standardized interfaces ensure an open production system. New robots can easily be added. Using new solutions at the periphery, users can optimize their processes without replacing the core elements of their manufacturing system. 

This reduces the investment costs.

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