Our MICA used in smart agriculture

Digitization for sustainability in the agricultural sector 

Automated steering systems, data-supported targeted usage of fertilizers and crop protection agents, sensors for soil analysis, autonomous driving: these and much more are enabled by the growing digitization of agriculture. 

Itelligence AG organized the "Farming and Food Technology Trends" focus day in Bielefeld, in cooperation with the OWL University of Applied Sciences, HARTING and other partners, There they highlighted the potential of digital agriculture. Smart farming can support more productive and sustainable agriculture by enabling a more precise and resource-efficient approach. During this focus day, HARTING presented its MICA Edge computer and explained how it enables arable land to be used more efficiently. Processes and procedures can be seamlessly controlled and all relevant data documented when using MICA.

One application case – a bio-methane facility in Lower Saxony, Germany – demonstrates that the agricultural industry has started to use digitization for itself. The MICA collects data from two scales on which tractors and trailers are weighed in order to record the quantity of corn delivered. Each tractor is also uniquely identified to ensure that it is properly assigned to its farm. The data recorded is then processed and sent to the Cloud for further evaluation. Watch the video here: