Han-Eco® B Launch

Han-Eco® B offers compatibility with metal connectors and can be rear-mounted, saving time and money as well as optimizing the assembly process


Elgin, IL February 2019 -


HARTING multiplies the possible uses of plastic connectors with the new Han-Eco® B series. The Han-Eco® range now includes plastic housings that are fully compatible with the standard Han® B. This means that Han-Eco® B plastic connectors can be mated with Han® B metal connectors. This opens up the entire portfolio of Han® B inserts for Han-Eco®. Another key improvement is the rear mounting option for prefabricated cabinet harnesses. 


The rear mounting feature has been a demand from the industry for many years and is now realized in the Han-Eco® B series. This feature simplifies the assembly process as the insert side of the wiring harnesses can be easily snapped into the bulkhead mounted housing from the inside of the switch cabinet - rearward.   This simplifies the assembly as well as allows assembly floor optimization by providing the ability to stock the internal wire harness pre-cabinet assembly, thus saving time and costs. Now that a switch cabinet unit and its cable harness can be pre-assembled separately, a better division of labor is possible and, if necessary, processes can even be outsourced.


In addition to monoblock inserts from the Han® B series, the Han-Modular® range can also be used in plug-compatible fashion in the new Han-Eco® B series. Hinged or holding frames allow the modules to be integrated into the plastic hoods or housings.


Han-Eco® B is available in the standard sizes 6B to 24B. Cable gland options include M20, M25, M32, and M40. The variety increases flexibility when it comes to the connection of new machine modules. Subject to cost and quality requirements, designers can choose either a plastic or metal housing.  This ensures the downward compatibility of Han-Eco® B hoods or housings in production systems.


The high-performance plastic of the Han-Eco® B is as robust as that of all other Han-Eco® components. The usual advantages are retained: Plastic connectors are not only easy to install, they are also resistant to corrosion and offer flexible assembly options. They are fire resistant to UL94 V0 – allowing them to be suitable for use in railway scenarios - and weigh about half as much as a connector made from die-cast aluminum.


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