HARTING’s expanded beam fiber optic cable assemblies weather harshest environments

ARTING’s expanded beam fiber optic cable assemblies weather harshest environments

Elgin, IL , December 2017 – HARTING’s new expanded beam assemblies are designed to provide excellent reliability and durability for high bandwidth transmission over fiber optics in the harshest, dirtiest operating environments. Potential users span a wide range of industries and activities, from tunnel boring, mining, oil and gas, power generation and transmission to outdoor broadcast and festival setups, even shipbuilding and container ports. For example, these cable assemblies’ high bandwidth and rugged design allows the HD video signals used in the vision systems controlling boring machines and associated equipment to be safely and securely transmitted, often over long distances. 

Standard optical interfaces are sensitive to contamination. With HARTING’s expanded beam assemblies, the fiber is safely packed in a connector housing that cannot be affected by dust, water or other environmental factors. This ruggedized, 2 and 4 fiber channel, IP-68 rated (in both mated and unmated condition), fiber optic solution is designed for a temperature range of -40C to +85C. It’s easy to install and maintain, and as a genderless connector, regular disconnection and re-connection of the cabling is easier than with standard fiber optic cabling. Correct mating of the two assemblies is always assured. Cleaning is simple – no special tools or training are required. Even extending the length of the optical connection is as simple as connecting an additional cable, with no need to pay attention to the laying direction or any additional adaptors. This saves time and money and eliminates the need to match different mating faces in the field. 


The HARTING Technology Group, family owned and based in Germany, employs more than 4,300 people globally with subsidiaries and branch offices in 40 countries. With production facilities in Europe, Asia, Mexico and the United States, the HARTING portfolio of connectivity solutions focuses on multiple levels, from the machine to the device and into the communication infrastructure. The U.S. facility in Elgin, Illinois is one of three HARTING locations that manufactures the HIS product line (HARTING Integrated Solutions - backplanes) and custom cable assemblies. HARTING also has custom cable assembly capabilities in Mexico and Brazil.  The company’s core business is intelligent and high-performance connection technology. HARTING works in almost all industrial markets with a focus on requirements for robust, reliable connectivity solutions.

Press Photo: the HARTING extended beam assembly for high definition fiber optics in the harshest environments.

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