Solutions for logistics

In this series of web-seminars, we will look at cabling solutions for modular conveyor technology.

In our web-seminars, we explain how you can speed up the installation of modular conveyor technology components using pre-assembled cabling solutions. Also learn how you can optimize your processes with clever UHF RFID solutions and the HARTING MICA®. These help you to reduce throughput times, avoid errors and elimnate unnecessary down times.
Let yourself be inspired and discover the possibilities for your company.



Pre-assembled cabling solutions for modular conveyor technology

In addition to the proper logistics strategy and building infrastructure, the key factors for constructing a logistics centre are the optimization of the construction time and simplification of the installation. 

It is not only HARTING's connectors that provide the optimal connection technology. Initial commissioning is simplified considerably when you use cables that are pre-assembled according to customer requirements, optimally configured for modular conveyor technology, and adapted to the ambient conditions. The actual devices or drive manufacturers that you are using are not relevant. At the end of the day, the only thing that counts during the commissioning is that the correct plugs match each other and the cables have the proper length. Fast, simple and safe.


Tracking & tracing and condition monitoring for logistics

Logistics processes are becoming increasingly important, especially in these times of customization (e.g. with single-unit batch sizes). Not only does the production need to change, the logistics must also adapt to these requirements. Optimizing the in-house flow of goods is one aspect among many. 

Robust RFID solutions for forklifts and conveying trucks allow you to reliably track goods and optimize travel paths. This improves efficiency and reduces the error rate. Even existing vehicles can be retrofitted using our robust Ha-VIS RF-R300 UHF RFID reader. Conveyor facilities are an important component of every logistics center. They are also often part of the production lines and, as such, must function reliably. Unscheduled down times generate costs and delays. By taking advantage of condition monitoring solutions based on the HARTING MICA®, you always have an overview of your systems and can intervene in a targeted, proactive manner to prevent unnecessary malfunctions.