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RFID with external sensor technology

In its passive state, the HARTING RFID embedded transponder transmits the ID and external sensor data, thereby building a bridge to self-configurable processes. Even mobile parts without their own constant power supply can be comprehensively monitored.

The HARTING RFID embedded transponder (Radio Frequency Identification) is equipped with an extended function: In addition to ID identification, it is also has the capacity to transmit sensor data. This opens up new fields of application for the technology, such as securing chairlifts and gondolas.

The integrated UHF (Ultra High Frequency) technology can function as a direct control system in vertically integrated production processes – as defined by Industry 4.0. In this environment, it is important for an object fitted with an RFID transponder to be able to determine and wirelessly transmit not only its unique ID but also its current status via connected sensors.

The greatest advantage of the UHF-based monitoring system is passive mode. This means the transponder can operate external sensors connected to the transponder and transmit additional data to the reader in passive mode at a distance of up to 2.5 meters. Passive mode simply means that the transponder's system is powered without an energy source. The energy for the system comes from the RFID reader.