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RFID Reader overview


The UHF long-range readers Ha-VIS RF-R500-c and Ha-VIS RF-R500-p are the high-end UHF RFID readers from HARTING. These readers are the first choice in industrial applications due to their extremely long range, high reliability and robust design.  In addition to the standard tests in the fields of radio and safety, the Ha-VIS RF-R500 has been tested and approved according to the relevant standards in the railway sector and is therefore eminently suitable for use in this safety-critical environment.

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The Ha-VIS RFID RF-R400 is a powerful long-range reader used in a variety of different applications. Along with four antenna connections, it has interfaces for Ethernet, RS 232 and USB. Moreover, it has industry-compatible inputs and outputs for interactions with external components. As such, it can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructures of industry, logistics or transportation.

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The UHF RFID readers in the Ha-VIS RF-R300 family are extremely robust devices that are suitable for industry and rail, and tested to EN 50 155. The modular software concept of the reader supports various protocols, such as LLRP or OPC UA and also consists of middleware that is based on ALE 1.1 of GS1. The reader can be connected via Ethernet, as well as wirelessly via WLAN or LTE.

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The Ha-VIS RF-R200 is a low cost UHF RFID mid-range reader. In addition to an internal antenna, its compact design enables up to three external antennas to be connected. This makes it ideally suited for integration into machines and for use in office applications.

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