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Ha-VIS RFID4Logistics Gate2Go

Intralogistics is the most natural area of application for UHF RFID. And yet every project has its own challenges and pitfalls. The proof of concept comes at the end of each planning phase and proves that the system meets the requirements. Ha-VIS RFID4Logisitcs - Gate2Go supports concept verification It is a simple and easy way to implement a complete gate application.

Logistics can be considered the natural area of application for UHF RFID technology. Marking goods, products and objects with transponders and then tracking and tracing them automatically seems to be the perfect job for UHF RFID. And yet every specific project has its own unique challenges and characteristics. No two projects are alike and each requires thorough planning and its own preliminary considerations. Despite thorough planning, projects fail time and again when they go live. The expectations of the systems are simply not meet. Either some of the transponders are not detected or the ranges are not as expected and the system is too slow. There are many reasons for failure, however the consequences are always the same: A lot of money is invested in a system that does not work as it should. Stress, hardship and unforeseeable follow-up costs are inevitable.

Every plan and simulation should culminate in a proof of concept that proves that the system meets the requirements. Going "live" so to speak. With Ha-VIS RFID4Logistics Gate2Go, HARTING has a powerful tool: a complete gate application that is ready to install.

Fully equipped, stable and easily to install, it allows you to adequately test the concept using proven HARTING components. The standard version includes:

  • Ha-VIS RFID Box. The out-of-the-box RFID installation from HARTING with Ha-VIS RFID RF-R400 and HAIIC MICA Base as the host for the ALE 1.1 based middleware
  • Ha-VIS RF-ANT-WR24-i. Strong 8 db gain and an aperture angle of 67° make it the first option for logistics applications.
  • Complete installation material including screws, antenna holders, rollers, tools, installation instructions

Ha-VIS RFID4Logisitcs - Gate2Go is a complete solution that allows you to verify your concept very quickly. Measuring up to 3x3 meters in the standard version, it is ready for use in less than an hour, yet at the same time robust enough to be used in longer-lasting proofs of concept.

Do you need a configuration other than the standard one? Get in touch with us