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Ha-VIS RFID4MoldTracking

UHF technology and plastics injection-moulding machines. Are they compatible? Can they handle harsh ambient conditions at high temperatures? Yes, they can. RFID technology from HARTING also works in conditions where others cannot. With Ha-VIS RFID4MoldTracking, we provide a product package neatly tailored to the special requirements for use in injection-molding machines. Learn more here.

Plastics injection molding today is also becoming more complex and demanding. Growing demands for product variety and the complexity of customers present new challenges, especially for medium-sized companies. An ever greater number of different moulds and tools must be available at the right place at the right time, so that production does not stop. Nobody wants or can afford to waste time searching for the tools they need. Such tools often cost tens of thousands of euros – a considerable investment. No tool should be allowed to get lost permanently. It is therefore necessary to have an efficient, automated and reliable inventory with tool tracking.

In addition to tracking and controlling the provision of tools, UHF RFID is also used for actively checking their deployment. Has the tool that the program requires actually been fitted? Can the tool even be used on this machine? If not, damage to the machine or the tool may be the result. These sorts of small oversights can often lead to costly consequences. Give your tools a unique ID and store it in an RFID transponder directly fitted to the tool. The system uses the ID to decide if the correct tool has been installed. If not, the program will not start and the operator will be notified of the problem.

UHF RFID is useful for optimizing the logistics of moulds and also for minimizing the unnecessary costs caused by misuse.

Ha-VIS RFID4MoldTracking is a complete package for enabling UHF RFID on plastics injection-molding machines. It is the ideal starting point for converting previously separate moulds into smart tools.

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