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With certainly. It is well known that modern UHF RFID technology can help to optimize processes, save time and money. UHF RFID however can do more. For example, it can help to increase safety in the transport and railway sector. We provide Ha-VIS RFID4Rail as a package that covers the relevant applications in this sector.

Ha-VIS RFID4Rail – SLP. Signaling. Localization. Platform detection. HARTING has covered three safety-relevant applications with one solution which consists of components that combine both the required reliability and robustness for getting the job done in this difficult environment.

Especially the Ha-VIS RF-ANT-WR24-r, which was specially developed for railway operations.

Made of two millimeter thick stainless steel. Made for the train and track. It can withstand the highest loads. The Ha-VIS RFID4Rail complete system has been approved for speeds of up to 165 km/h. If required, we also offer solutions for applications in the high-speed range of over 250 km/h.

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