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The ability to identify and track products is gaining in importance. Whether it is to simplify the service and logistics processes, whether it is due to strict regulations and the requirements regarding the duty of documentation or simply because of the growing customer demand for the famous lot size of 1: Whatever it is, a simple, reliable and efficient way to track and identify devices and products is needed.

These requirements are easily achieved with UHF RFID. During PCB production, a small UHF RFID chip that can store relevant data and enable a unique identification of the circuit board and the device, is placed on or even inside the blank. Manufacturing data can then be written to and read from the RFID chip at each station. Even unplanned events such as machine malfunctions can be stored.

HARTING has the Ha-VIS RFID4SMT solution package for this approach to tracking. The proven UHF RFID Reader Ha-VIS RF-R300 and the coaxial cable based antenna Ha-VIS LOCFIELD® can be easily integrated into new and old systems.

The compact design and degree of protection IP67 also facilitate upgrading. The antenna field follows the coaxial conductor of the antenna and also enables communication with several PCBs in one PCB panel at full manufacturing speed. The modular and open software architecture of the UHF RFID read-write device Ha-VIS RF-R300 enables the data to be pre-processed directly in the reader. The data is stored according to ISO and GS1 standards.

Once the PCB has been implanted with UHF RFID technology, it is available for the entire life of the PCB. The ability to trace products without visual contact, for example through packaging, makes the technology eminently suitable for warehouse and logistics processes. Furthermore, information can also be read even if the PCB has already been installed in the application, i.e. in the product. There are many ways to use UHF RFID technology for different purposes right up until the PCB is disposed of.

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