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MICA® Edge Computing

Small, robust edge computing gateway edge device / Industrial PC for the IIoT and Industry 4.0.

The HARTING MICA®  edge device is built with an open-source, containerized, Linux-based architecture, so it can be easily customizable to any application within Industry 4.0. The HARTING MICA® is also extremely robust, making edge computing and connection to the cloud possible in even the harshest environments.

"As practical IIoT products and solutions emerge, users are starting to implement them to learn how they can create value. But with all the buzz about IIoT, where does an industrial engineer start? At the edge, of course!" - David Humphrey at ARC Advisory Group  

See what the experts are saying about the Industrial IoT and how edge devices will get you there.  

Direct data processing on the machine – with HARTING's MICA® computing system

HARTING MICA® (Modular Industry Computing Architecture) edge device makes it possible to temporarily save, evaluate and process data in the immediate vicinity of machinery and equipment. With its modular open platform, the HARTING MICA® can be customized with custom hardware, software and interfaces – to suit your individual requirements for Integrated Industry. MICA can allow you to bring your isolated processing controls into the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). 

Benefits of HARTING MICA®

Customizable and Compatible

MICA® is a modular platform made from open hardware and software components. Unlike single-board computers – such as the Raspberry Pi – this circuit board is divided into three parts. One of these parts can be customized. The form factor and degree of protection remain unchanged after hardware adjustments.

Software applications run in virtual, Linux-based containers (virtual machines) which contain all the necessary libraries and drivers for the respective application So there are no more problems with package dependencies and incompatibilities. 

MICA®´s open source approach permits the user to choose the programming language and development environment.

Can Multi-Task

MICA® features a powerful 1 GHz ARM processor, 1GB of RAM and 4 GB eMMC flash memory (additionally up to 32GB on a micro-SD card). HARTING's virtual industry computing technology enables multiple programs to run in parallel within virtual containers. The containers run in individual sandboxes; this isolates and secures the different components and applications from each other.

Easy to Use

The touch-optimized interface for end users and administrators is implemented entirely in HTML5 and JavaScript. It can be customized by developers without any special tools.

Reduces Your Costs

The one-time investment for MICA® is significantly lower compared to complete industrial PCs. There are no licensing or leasing fees. The open development environment allows inexpensive prototyping and development, even for multiple projects. The power consumption for the base version is less than 5 watts.

A network full of Industry 4.0 and IoT applications is the user community supporting HARTING’s MICA® open computing platform. partners develop innovative concepts and solutions which help companies actively shape the fourth industrial revolution: the digitization and networking of processes and objects. partners are distinguished by their outstanding expertise in the application of state-of-the-art software and technologies.

MICA edge device management software allows you to configure and control your fleet of MICAs easily from a single user interface.