Products & Solutions

Modified products

HARTING's standard components can be adapted for customer-specific solutions.

We customize HARTING's standard components and convert them to match your requests. standardized housings in customized solutions. 

If our HARTING product components do not meet your requirements completely, we will modify them according to your individual requirements. we can transform a standardized connector housing into a customized solution for your company.


  • A solid solution for attaching wires
  • Available for electrical and electronic connectors
  • Also possible for small quantities

Modified connectors

  • Extensions to cable entries
  • Large cable diameters are possible
  • Han-Quintax® and Han-Modular®

Modified housings


  • Standard components adapted to customer-specific solutions
  • Additional drilled holes for multiple cable entries
  • Printed information
  • Special colors
  • Customized brackets for shielding and earthing

Power supply

  • Extension option for standard housings
  • Cable entry for power cables
  • This solution provides more space for wiring the cables