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Standardised system cabling and customised cable assemblies for custom requirements.

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The All-Electric Society is the vision of a society that covers its entire energy needs from "green" electricity and distributes it according to demand. We are referring to the five sectors of Energy, Industry, Mobility, Infrastructure and Agriculture. These sectors need to be linked not only with each other, but also within the sectors. Two "lifelines" are needed to turn this vision of the All-Electric Society into a reality: energy and data. A variety of applications is likely to emerge in both the industrial and private environments, which will need to be supplied by these "lifelines" along with being networked with each other. The success of this depends on intelligent, communicating devices on the one hand and secure and reliable "hardware" - in the form of connectivity and cabling - on the other.

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The HARTING Technology Group with its slogan "Connecting the All-Electric Society" has a mission of solving the issue of connectivity, while always keeping an application-specific approach in mind. We do this because each sector has its own specific requirements, while also relying to a certain degree on standardised interfaces.

At HARTING Customised Solutions, we engage with the individuality of the sectors and meet the challenges with specific (cable) solutions - designed precisely for the particular application and ready to meet the challenges of our customers in their application environment. We use our HARTING Technology Group portfolio to develop and manufacture customised cabling solutions which are then used, for example, in mechanical engineering, robotics or railroads.

By the same token, our cabling solutions also fulfil industrial standards. These solutions are used across all sectors and enable quick and easy integration of devices with standardised interfaces, such as M12. Standardised connectors have dominated the industrial environment for decades now and ensure the safety and flexibility of data networks and the connected sensors and actuators. However, these solutions can also be, or become, new, pioneering standards.

They nevertheless have one thing in common: every (plug) connection needs a cable - and that's a challenge we can solve for you!

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