Field wireable connectors - save up to 25% of your time

Fast, process safe, intuitive and made for harsh industrial environments: field wireable connectors safe up to 25% time and simplify the installation of ethernet networks.

Field wireable connectivity

Check 3 genius helpers!

GAIN TIME AND FLEXIBILITY! HARTING offers 3 genuis connector solutions that can be mounted quickly without special tools.

field attachable installer

Reduce the time and effort required when working in the field directly on the machine to install ethernet networks in industrial plants. Our field wireable connectors can be mounted on the cables in just a few moments with maximum flexibility.

  • Fast application for field wiring

  • No special tools needed

  • Saves a lot of time

  • For flexible cable lengths

  • Easy and Intuitive to assemble

  • Process safe and high performing

  • Ultimate robustness for harsh industrial environments

Typical application scenarios

In which situations is the use of field wireable connectors recommendable? An example: If you do not know the required length of a cable when wiring a machine, then you must carry out the installation on site, directly in the field, directly in the machine. And then your connector must offer the greatest degree of flexibility, simplicity, robustness and safety. These advantages speak for the use of field wireable connectors from HARTING.

  • Wiring is carried out without ready-made cable assemblies, but directly and flexibly from the reel.

  • A field device is to be quickly connected to an industrial network.

  • An industrial network is to be expanded quickly and at short notice.

  • There are wall bushings on the cable route that are too narrow for standard Ethernet connectors.

  • The use of special tools is to be dispensed with.


Learn from our product managers

Field wireable connectivity solutions featured at our annual event HARTING Industrial Ethernet Week 3 in February 2024. In this hands-on session, Maximilian Rohrer, Matthias Domberg and Lennart Koch, Product Managers at the HARTING Technology Group introduce the HARTING innovations for field wireable connectors. On-demand: watch more sessions of the HARTING Industrial Ethernet Week

Field wireable connectors - ebook

Field wireable connectors PDF guide

This handy PDF guide gives you a quick overview of the HARTING range of field wireable connectors. Discover all solutions for your individual application.

RJ Industrial® Multifeature

Reduction of installation time by more than 25%
For IP20 applications & top HF performance
Angled cable outlets in 90° or 35° outlet direction
Compatible with all types of cables
Top HF performance
RJ Industrial Multifeature

RJ 45 for industrial IP20 enviroments: Our new RJ Industrial® Multifeature is absolutely robust and reliable with integrated cutting tools for quick, easy and tool-less assembly. This can save you up to 25 % time when installing the Ethernet infrastructure.

There is no longer a need to shorten the individual wires 8 times using the wire cutter and the quality of the connection process is also improved. The wires are always safely shortened in the same place in each connector and this also ensures that the HF performance of all assemblies is identical.

The usability for flexible and rigid wires from AWG 26 to 22, the robust cable fastening and the angled connector with variable cable outlet direction are all additional features offering great benefits for customers.

While the classic RJ45 was a telecommunications development that did not suffice for every industrial application, the HARTING RJ Industrial® MultiFeature series is designed to meet all the requirements and challenges of a harsh industrial operating environment.

Safe Cat. 6A output, IP20 and IP65/67 Han® PushPull casing combined with PoE power supply IEEE802.3af (PoE 15,4W) / IEEE802.3at (PoE 25,5W) / IEEE802.3bt (PoE 100W) supply data and power for each device.

Angled cable outlets feasible in 90° and 35° outlet direction. These options make the solution very flexible, as each of the two angled cable outlets can be optionally mounted on site directly on the control cabinet in 4 different directions, depending on the application.

All benefits

  • Reduction of installation time by more than 25%

  • Preferably for IP20 applications

  • Integrated cutting tool

  • Top HF performance

  • Compatible with all types of cables

  • variable cable outlet direction

  • PoE (IEEE802.3af), PoE+ (IEEE802.3at), PoE++ (IEEE802.3bt) compatible

  • for flexible and rigid wires from AWG 26 to 22

  • Robust and flexible with angled cable outlet

  • Optimized, robust locking clip

  • Angled cable outlets feasible in 90° and 35° outlet direction

Videos: how to assemble

preLink® Ethernet cabling system

Pre-assembled or on-Site assembly
All enviroments from IP20 up to IP65/67
Fast cabling modular solution
Absolute reliability of the installation process
Cat.6A: 10 Gbit/s, 500 Mhz
Conformity with standards
preLink termination.jpg

A highly flexible system: The cable-mounted preLink® block can be easily inserted into a variety of connectors and sockets (RJ45, M12) as well as PCB receptacles. preLink® is an all-purpose cabling solution for IT, building automation and industry - all enviroments from IP20 up to IP65/67.

With preLink® it is possible to perform fast and flexible cabling, which reduces costs, downtimes and increases reliability.

All preLink® connectors, sockets, couplings and PCB sockets have one thing in common: they can all be connected in seconds using the preLink termination block. The coherent heart of the system. A functional feature of the preLink® system is the separation of cable and connector into two separate units. The first unit consists of connectors, sockets, couplings, or PCB terminals that have an identical fixture for holding the preLink® termination block.This termination block is the second unit and the virtual heart of the system. It can accommodate up to eight stranded or solid wires, which can be simultaneously shortened and connected in one step using the preLink® hand tool. The preLink® termination block, which can be assembled on-site simply, fast and in a completely reliable process, now fits in every preLink® component and can be inserted, removed or replaced at any time. This means that cables and connectors can be replaced independently of each other or installed separately as needed. This is particularly helpful if you can implement the cabling using ready-made cables.

The data cables with the connected preLink® termination block also fit through tight spaces and can be connected in seconds after they are routed. That makes the task much easier and saves time. In addition, worn cables used with moving devices can be changed quickly and independently from the connector. Furthermore, with future-proof cabling, an unbeatable fast update from e.g. M12 D-coded to M12 X-coded is possible. Simply unclick the preLink termination block, replace the preLink M12 D-coded module with the M12 X-coded module and clip the preLink block back in place - and you're ready to go.

All benefits

  • Pre-assembled or on-Site assembly

  • All enviroments from IP20 up to IP65/67

  • Fast cabling modular solution

  • Absolute reliability of the installation process

  • On-site: Same easy and fast 3 assembly steps for all preLink

    ® connectors

  • Pre-assembled: Click in solution for assembly in seconds

  • Cat.6A: 10 Gbit/s, 500 Mhz

  • Compatible with PoE and PoE+ ports

  • Conformity with standards

  • High performance

Videos: how to assemble

HARAX® toolless rapid termination

Termination technique for M8 and M12
Toolless rapid termination
IP 65/67 standard for use in outdoor and humid areas
D coding 4 poles
360° shilding for save data transmission and EMC protection
harax range

HARAX® is a toolless rapid termination technique from HARTING. The contact is established via insulation displacement contacts. M8 / M12 circular connectors with HARAX® connection can be easily assembled by hand on-site.

The HARAX connection system is easy to install and establishes a reliable device connection without tools. Thanks to IP 65/67 standard, M8 and M12 circular connectors with HARAX connection technology are suitable for use in harsh environments.

Absolutely robust screw locking. Typical areas of application are outdoors, the transport market and industrial automation at field level.

All benefits

  • Termination technique for M8 and M12

  • Totally tool-free

  • Very quick

  • IP 65/67 standard for use in outdoor and humid areas

  • D coding 4 poles

  • Cat-5

  • 360° shilding for save data transmission and EMC protection

Videos: how to assemble

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