Ethernet connectivity for the industrial transformation

Download now for free: This eBook provides a helpful overview of the relevant interfaces for Industrial Ethernet.

Industrial Ethernet ebook

Smaller, faster, smarter

RJ45, SPE & Co: all options for ethernet connectivity in a helpful overview.

Industrial Ethernet eBook

Digitization in industry is advancing in leaps and bounds. For many applications, Ethernet is the first choice when it comes to data transfer and the vision of seamless communication between sensor and IIoT platform.But what options are available today for Industrial Ethernet connectivity?

This free eBook provides a helpful overview and shows how to choose the right Ethernet interface for each application.

Free eBook

Learn about the status quo in Ethernet connectivity:

  • Overview

    The authoritative interfaces for Industrial Ethernet today and tomorrow.

  • In three steps

    How to find the right Ethernet interface.

  • From the early days to the IIoT

    Why Ethernet became the preferred standard.

  • Alternative transmission paths

A look at fiber optics, wifi & co.

  • 3.5 MB | 19 pages

In addition, you will learn how Ethernet has evolved from its beginnings to the IIoT and also introduces alternative ways of transmission like fiber optic or wifi.


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