Cookie Policy (CO)

What are cookies?

This website uses cookies. A cookie is a file that is downloaded and installed on your computer’s browser. Among other things, cookies allow a website to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of a user or their computer. Depending on the information they contain and the way the computer is used, they can also be used to recognize the user.

What types of cookie does this website use?

Depending on who manages the computer or domain from where the cookies are sent, and who processes the data obtained, the following types of cookie may be used:

  • First-party cookies: These are sent to the user’s device from a computer or domain that is managed by the publisher and from which the service requested by the user is provided.
  • Third-party cookies: These are sent to the user’s device from a computer or domain that is not managed by the publisher but by another entity, which processes the data obtained via the cookies.

Types of cookies based on the time they remain active on the device:

  • Session cookies: These are designed to gather and store data while the user accesses a website.
  • Persistent cookies: These allow data to remain stored on the device and may be accessed and processed for a period defined by whoever is responsible for the cookie. This period can range anywhere from a few minutes to several years.

Types of cookies based on their purpose:

  • Necessary or technical cookies: These are necessary for the proper functioning of the website and are essential for the user to be able to use the services and access the content requested by the user and interact with its functionalities. Its deactivation could impede the correct operation of the web page.
  • Functional cookies: These are used to provide the services that the user requests, for example, if the user wants to watch a video. Functional cookies are also used to maintain the settings that it enables on the website (for example, location). These cookies do not track navigation on other websites or where you have browsed outside of our website. Without these cookies, we will not be able to provide you with certain services that you request. All the information collected by these cookies is anonymous and is used only to improve the functionality and service of the website.
  • Statistical or analytical cookies: These allow the monitoring and analysis of the behaviour of the user of the website to which they are linked. The information that is collected is used to measure audiences, traffic and involvement with the website. Analytical cookies allow us to analyse the website in order to measure and improve the performance of our pages. The collected data is stored in a pseudonymised form for technical precautions; therefore, it is not possible to associate this data with other personal data of the user. The data will not be stored with other personal data of the user.
  • Personalisation or advertising cookies: We use personalisation cookies to recognize the user when they visit our website again and to personalise the content and save their settings. These cookies are used to display personalised content according to your interests. We also use retargeting or remarketing cookies to help us deliver ads that are relevant to your interests based on individual browsing habits within the respective advertising network. On these pages, you may be presented with advertisements related to content you have previously seen on other websites.

Configuration and acceptance of cookies:

Cookies are necessary for the operation of this website and are automatically configured when accessing the website. The rest of the cookies and functionalities not required for the operation of the website, those of both first and third-parties, will only be installed if the user has given consent. To this end, when you access this website, you are asked to select the cookies and functions you want to allow. This selection is stored in turn in a cookie until you delete it from your device.

In the Cookies Settings Panel of our website, you will find more information about the specific cookies used. There you can also modify at any time the selection of cookies and allowed functions.

Additionally, we hereby inform you that you can easily adjust your browser settings at any time in order to block or remove the cookies that have been installed.  However, doing so may change how the website functions and cause some of its services to become unavailable.

Each browser has different settings to disable cookies. Below are links to instructions on how to disable or remove cookies from the most commonly used browsers:

• Chrome:

• Explorer:

• Firefox:

• Safari:

We inform you that information regarding your right to data protection can be found "here".

We inform you that no exclusively automated-decision-making will be made with your personal data.

This Cookie Policy may be modified in accordance with changes in the legislation in order to adapt it to the instructions issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Users are therefore advised to read this policy periodically.

If you wish to modify your consent, you can do so by accessing the following link: Cookies Settings Panel.