Han® S 200A system cabling

Achieve maximum flexibility with the right cabling solution

The sustainable use of renewable energies such as wind or sun can only be achieved through energy storage modules, since these enable time-delayed, needs-based use. This enables the energy generated to be used in a delayed, demand-driven manner.

With its Han® S series, HARTING offers secure connection technology for modular battery storage systems. The compact and flexible housings accommodate contacts for currents up to 200 A and 1500 V. The series’ bulkhead housings can be flexibly rotated through 360 degrees, and the locking of hoods and housings, male and female contacts is intuitive. Solutions resistant to high temperatures or radiation

Quick installation and set-up times

Han® S 200 system cabling helps us along the path towards a sustainable energy system for the future. Featuring simple, fast and safe contacting, the Han® S 200 system cabling is the ideal connection for the front wiring of modular battery storage systems. There is a red variant of the Han® S for the positive terminal and a black variant for the negative terminal. Both are also mechanically coded to prevent incorrect insertion. Save time during service and maintenance

The female contacts include three different cross-sections (e.g. 25 mm², 35 mm² and 50 mm²) with a cable that has excellent resistance to UV, oil, fuels and high temperatures.

Reducing operating costs

The advantage of pre-assembled cables is that they enable a quick and easy initial commissioning. Another customer benefit provided by this Plug & Play solution is that are no tooling, storage or labour costs occur  – so the total cost of operating materials is reduced. The assemblies are 100% tested according to the HARTING's high quality standards.

Pre-assembled Han® S 200 system cabling can be plugged in immediately without errors.

Your advantages at a glance:

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