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In the long run, components which simplify installation and maintenance of a wind turbine can improve the value of the plant enormously. Learn how!

The installers and operators of wind turbines are under significant pressure to save time and costs. A wind turbine that is not ready for use produces no electricity and achieves no grid feed-in compensation.

Wind turbines are being designed with increasing modularity. This helps to increase the flexibility of their construction, while also accelerating the process of replacing components. 

The individual units are only assembled into a complete wind turbine once they have reached the construction site, thus making the use of connectors a real advantage. 

For example, drives for the rotor blade adjustment and wind tracking, as well as components such as slip ring assemblies or generator brakes, can be connected and installed simply and quickly. Thanks to the use of connectors, there is no longer a need for complex hand wiring work. In the event of maintenance, downtime can be significantly reduced as worn or defective parts can be quickly replaced with Plug & Play functionality.

Many types of wind turbines use a gearbox so that the speed and torque is matched between the rotor and the generator, thus optimizing the facility’s efficiency. Connectors accelerate the installation: with pre-assembled cables and connectors such as Han-Eco®Han® HPR or Han® M, the necessary connections between the gear units are quickly established.

Han-Eco® Hood/Housing

  • Particularly robust for industrial applications

  • Resistance to corrosion and ozone: for outdoor use

  • Han-Eco® "click and mate" assembly concept

  • IP65 

Han® M Hood/Housing

  • Hoods/housings for more demanding environmental requirements

  • Metal hoods and housings with excellent corrosion resistance

  • Locking lever made of high-quality stainless steel

  • IP67 

Han® HPR Hood/Housing

  • For harsh outdoor environments

  • Excellent EMC characteristics

  • Metal hoods and housings with excellent corrosion resistance 

Connectors also offer advantages for tower lighting. The power bus components for the lighting can be pre-installed in the tower segments. On the construction site, the installation technicians – who are usually not electricians – only need to join the segments together.

White Paper - Reducing CAPEX and OPEX costs for wind turbines


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White Paper "Connectivity in Wind Turbines"

Learn how connectors can increase the efficiency of a wind turbine and reduce the CAPEX and OPEX costs.

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