Access to space-saving switches with circular connector

The classic M12 connector is changing. With its D/A-coded M12 PCB in two-piece and angled design, HARTING provides circular connectors with access to space-saving switches.

M12 2-piece angled PCB

HARTING is now introducing the new M12 2-piece angled PCB in the male and female variants as well as with A and D-coding. This now makes it possible to flexibly implement a very wide variety of variants and combinations when supplying power to switches and other devices.

The codings offer power supply and Fast Ethernet up to 100Mbit/s.

With its 90° angled construction, the M12 circular connector mounts particularly well on printed circuit boards which are placed flat in a rack or a device. Here, space saving plays a decisive role. This space saving sees the new M12 follow the trends towards miniaturisation.