Ha-VIS RFID RF-R300: Highly flexible tailored customer solution

It is often a challenge to meet individual customer requirements flexibly with standard products, as individuality usually means increased cost. With its modular software design, the new HARTING UHF RFID reader - although equipped with extremely robust hardware and standardized software interfaces - is ideal for tailored customer solutions.

UHF RFID Reader RF-R300

Standards sind für die Realisierung von immer komplexeren Anforderungen ein wichtiges Fundament. Dies betrifft die Software selbstverständlich ebenso wie die Hardware von Industriekomponenten – OPC UA als Kommunikationsschnittstelle ist hier nur ein Beispiel.

Device software also has to be subjected to reliable testing, making individual changes – especially for small volumes – costly or impossible.

But demand for tailored solutions and small volumes is increasing. HARTING has the solution for these conflicting requirements in the shape of its new RF-R300 UHF RFID reader. With its software virtualization concept derived from the MICA open modular platform (HERMES AWARD winner 2016), specific project and customer software can be installed alongside standard HARTING software – without directly affecting the HARTING Software.

Additional functions such as project-specific direction recognition algorithms and individual decisions based on additional information from the HARTING ETB sensor transponder etc. can be added later in an extra software container. This does not limit the system integrator to specific programming languages: C, Python, C++, Java – anything supported by LINUX can be used.

With this new product, HARTING is offering one of the most flexible UHF RFID readers on the market – an important building block that customers can use to turn their Integrated Industry plans into reality.