Hinged frame offers more installation advantages and cost savings

HARTING has complemented the well-known Han-Modular® building block system with the addition of the new "hinged frame plus". Among others, the “plus” for the proven hinged frame comes in the form of an additional stainless steel spring that holds the frame together in the open and closed positions, as well as other details that have been optimized. Particular time and cost advantages result from the fact that assembling the connector modules is easier and more efficient.

Hinged frame Han-Modular®

Highly visible lettering provides support in this context. All module positions (A to F) are evident at first glance, while an additional marking with a black triangle indicates the orientation for proper insertion of the modules on the Frame.

Insertion of the modules is especially easy since the spring maintains the frame in the open position and the modules fall into a defined support edge. The frame windows were optimized so that they have a funnel-shaped opening and the modules are automatically centered when closing the frames. When locking, a contour fitted to the joint works in tandem with the stainless steel spring to produce a clearly audible "click" and holds the frame securely together – meaning that hitherto used fixation elements can be wholly dispensed with.

Since the design of the well-known hinged frame was essentially maintained, it’s a given that it continues to boast particularly high mechanical stability and full compatibility with all Han-Modular® connectors, the market standard for modular industrial connectors.

Despite the variety of over 100 different modules for power, data and signals, all available modules can be used without limitation, and no compromises need be made in terms of mechanical stability. Despite this, significant installation advantages arise for the user and thereby result in cost savings, since HARTING’s “Make good better” motto served as the impetus for several details to be improved, and a benchmark was once again set.