Mini Ethernet interface for infotainment systems

The HARTING technology group is expanding its ix Industrial® line of miniature data connector products with new cable assemblies intended for infotainment and passenger information systems and other product variants.

By combining the award-winning ix Industrial® data interface with HARTING's EtherRail® cable, the HARTING technology group will be able to offer cable assemblies with Cat.6A performance of up to 10 Gbit/s which are approved for the requirements of the railway industry. This solution is ideal for infotainment and passenger information systems in trains and buses: the connector is significantly smaller and lighter than the comparable circular connectors commonly used in railway applications. The snap-in locking mechanism provides you with excellent mechanical stability and quick, tool-free connecting to switches, monitors, onboard systems and other devices.

The ix Industrial® is also perfectly suited for industrial applications, as a compact and robust alternative to the RJ45 connector. Our product portfolio – consisting of sockets, industrial cable assemblies, field-assembled connectors and Gigabit switches – will be expanded even further in the future. There are also connectors which can be assembled in the field and cable assemblies with angled cable entries. You can choose between the "top" and "bottom" cable entries. This is an excellent solution, especially for space-critical applications.

The lightweight, robust cable assembly with ix Industrial® interface and EtherRail® cable delivers Cat.6A performance of up to 10 Gbit/s for railway applications.
The robust locking mechanism using two snap-in hooks (or in the future, the PushPull locking contour) makes ix Industrial® perfect for data and signal transmissions within industrial and railway applications
The ix Industrial is a perfectly robust interface that complies with the high shock and vibration resistance of the EN 50155 railway specifications. A long service life with 5,000 mating cycles is guaranteed.

Push-pull locking makes them even easier to handle

HARTING is currently working on combining the ix Industrial® interface with the PushPull locking mechanism. The PushPull is popular with users because of its easy handling and excellent protection. Here, HARTING will continue to advance the trend towards miniaturization and expand the familiar format with a mini version for ix Industrial type A (Ethernet) and type B (signal). This significantly reduces the space required on the device side, even for applications where the required degree of protection is IP65/67.