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RJ45 Ethernet Cable

HARTING RJ45 Ethernet cable system – the perfect industrial ethernet cable and connector solution for cabling data networks in harsh industrial environments.

Fast, Reliable RJ45 Ethernet Cable for Harsh Industrial Environments

Complex, growing international markets are demanding more specific industrial ethernet cable solutions. As a customer, you profit from HARTING's broad standard portfolio. We also offer customized variants in addition to our standardized lengths and solutions. For your individual applications, we work together with you to find the best solution that meets your customized RJ45 ethernet cable requirements.

The HARTING RJ45 Ethernet cable system supports all transmission speeds from Ethernet to IEEE802.3 that are commonly used today. These include Fast Ethernet 100 Mbit/s, Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gbit/s Ethernet for future applications. Our system cables also feature Power over Ethernet (PoE: up to 15.4 W according to IEEE802.3af and bus 25.5 W according to IEEE802.3at) in order to simultaneously supply devices with power. Our HARTING RJ45 Ethernet system cables are designed, tested and additionally certified for industrial and industry-related applications. The key factors here are IPx protection, plug-in reliability, robustness, vibration resistance and EMC safety.

DualBoot® RJ45

HARTING DualBoot® RJ45 system cables

HARTING DualBoot® RJ45 system cables – ideal for cabling in control cabinets!
Over-molded patch cables are very well suited for industrial cabling in protected applications (such as for control cabinets or machinery). Their two-part construction – with over-molding and bend protector – provides the best strain relief while also preventing the retaining lugs from snagging. By using high-quality industrial data cables together with our 360° shielded RJ45 connectors, HARTING's DualBoot® RJ45 system cables are capable of excellent transmission and EMC characteristics.

  • Robust industrial design
  • 360° shielding provides optimal EMC protection
  • IP20 protection
  • Transmits up to 10 Gbit/s, 500 MHz according to ISO/IEC 11 801
  • Suitable for profile-specific cabling: such as Profinet, Sercos III, etc.
  • Available with different sheathing materials: including FRNC, PVC, PUR, etc.
  • Wide range of colors for FRNC
  • Color coding is optionally available

DualBoot® RJ45 PushPull IP20

HARTING DualBoot® RJ45 PushPull IP20 system cables

The PushPull unlocking solution for installations where space is at a premium!
The DualBoot® RJ45 PushPull IP20 cables are our solution for patching in industrial applications where access is difficult and space is limited. Based on the principles specified in the DualBoot® RJ45 standard, the unlocking mechanism of these patch cables has been replaced by a PushPull mechanism. To unlock the connector, simply pull on the bend protector – you no longer need to press the retaining lug. The DualBoot® RJ45 PushPull IP20 interlock is compatible with any standard RJ45 socket.

  • For applications requiring minimal space
  • Unlock by pulling back the bend protector 
  • PushPull mechanism is compatible with any standard RJ45 socket
  • IP20 protection
  • Transmits up to 10 Gbit/s, 500 MHz according to ISO/IEC 11 801 and EN 50 173
  • Flame-retardant according to IEC 60332-1
  • Wide range of colors available
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HARTING DualBoot® RJ45 PushPull IP20 system cables


PushPull-Entriegelungslösung für Einbausituationen mit geringem Platzbedarf - Click and go!

VarioBoot® RJ45

HARTING VarioBoot® RJ45

HARTING VarioBoot®RJ45: small, maneuverable and space-saving!
This solution is well suited for confined spaces and especially when subsequent changes may be made to the cable outlet direction. The exchangeable cable outlet makes it possible to flexibly adapt the outlet direction of the cable to match your installation situation. This means that only one cable variant is required for all situations.

  • Up to Cat.6A 10 Gbit/s transmission
  • Over-molded angled RJ45 connector with locking-lever protection
  • Adaptable and exchangeable cable outlet
  • Small design helps save signficant space
  • One RJ45 system cable for all outlet directions


HARTING VarioBoot® RJ45

HARTING VarioBoot® RJ45

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Cabling solutions for protected housings

Cabling solutions for RJ45 connectors in protected housings

HARTING PushPull and Han3A cabling – our solution for a secure connection in very harsh environments!
The combination of proven RJ45 and a protected housing help our PushPull and Han3A assemblies to achieve IP65/67 protection. Thus, they fulfil the requirements for usage outdoors and in very harsh industrial environments. 

  • Robust RJ45 solutions for very harsh environmental conditions
  • IP65/67 protection
  • Can be combined with all HARTING Ethernet cables
  • For field installations: on industrial machinery, control systems and outdoor camera applications
  • Resistant to ozone and UV – thus perfect for outdoor applications
  • "Plug and Play" with hybrid cable solutions
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