Modularization in Integrated Industry

Modularization is one of the basic requirements for Integrated Industry and for the changes brought about by smart factories. Smart factories signify a departure from one-time commissioning and rigid structures involving stable facility configurations. Rather, they are subject to permanent change and that is why modularly structured production equipment is required.

Modularization enables the manufacturing configuration and production process to be adapted quickly and simply. It also allows for the combination of different parts, new or modified configurations, replacement of tools or entire facility modules, as well as speedier maintenance and servicing. This all results in a configuration that is better aligned with the purposes and requirements of the customer. Modular machine and facility units can be easily connected to each other and adapted as needed. Modularization is the key to smaller batch sizes – in extreme cases just a single batch. It permits production to be customized according to the criteria of mass production in terms of quality, efficiency and speed. A versatile production process is made possible with consistent modularization. Significant cost reductions, increases in efficiency and outstanding versatility can be achieved. 

HARTING's products and solutions for all application types are designed modularly; this provides the customer with the optimal specific usability and variability. Han® connectors offer versatile replacement and extension possibilities for manufacturing modules. 

The modular design, for example, allows a connector to be produced for a specific application. HARTING's Han-Modular® provides a portfolio of over 50 different modular inserts, which are adapted to the constantly changing needs of the industry. The Han-Modular® HMC, with its high mating cycles, is ideally suited as a module interface. The frequent re-configurations during the life cycle of a facility make this high mating cycle feature a key requirement. 

By integrating embedded intelligence, the connectors become smarter, which enables further I40 services. An integrated current measurement feature provides information for the energy management. The smart locking function ensures high availability and security, since connectors can no longer be mistakenly disconnected.