Robust mid-range RFID reader with innovative software platform

Thanks to innovative software, the new extremely robust Ha-VIS RF-R300 UHF RFID reader meets current challenges your RFID applications.


All connections of the compact housing meet the highest industry standards. Thanks to robust M12 HARTING connectors, both the Power-over-Ethernet connection as well as the connection for the 8 GPIO (“General Purpose Inputs and Outputs”) with optional external power supply are suitable for rough project Environments.

With maximum UHF output power of 0.5 watts on the two RP-TNC connectors, it easily fulfils all the tasks of a mid-range reader. Depending on the antenna and the coaxial antenna cable used, the reader reaches the maximum allowable UHF power of 2 watts ERP radiated at the antenna.

Still, oftentimes the added value of such a system is not its maximum transmission power, but rather its flexibility. The new reader’s modular software concept gives HARTING the ability to support various communication protocols such as LLRP, OPC-UA and MQTT. Furthermore, customer-specific variants can be supplied. This is enabled by a software container concept based on embedded virtual computing. A Linux base system contains the actual function containers, which can be easily replaced if necessary.

Naturally, the new Ha-VIS RF-R300 is 100 percent compatible with the GS1 EPCglobal® certified Ha-VIS Middleware. This allows users to easily create standards-compliant RFID solutions. With this combination, system integrators can fully concentrate on solving the customer's requirements and avoid having time and money unnecessarily flow to the RFID application.