Han® HPR HPTC: High-performance interface for transformers, converters and power distribution equipment

The connections of transformers are permanently exposed to intense environmental impacts: mechanical effects, water, oil, direct sunlight, and ozone can significantly reduce the service life of components. That is why the new Han® HPR HPTC series was developed especially for transformer applications in harsh environments.


The new system meets the requirements for a simple assembly including only a few components, thus ensuring maximum safety. On the cable side, a crimped contact is inserted into a three-part, touch-proof insulation body. In addition, there is a cable gland that protects against dust and moisture and forms part of the shielding, absorbing residual currents and transferring them to the enclosure.


HPTC hoods and housings use entirely metal contacts i. e. the cover and bottom part are connected to each other over the entire contact area. This is a new development, being the first transformer connector specifically designed for shielded transmission. However, the shielding can be achieved without shrinking and taping. In addition, an efficient coding system reduces storage requirements for the connector component.


Han® HPR HPTC for connecting transformers, frequency converters (picture), power distribution equipment or battery storage systems / fuel cells. The series was developed for transmitting high currents. It is easy to install and protects from even massive external impacts.