HARTING PushPull Connectors In India

Time saving, Water Proof (IP65/67)
Easy Installation

HARTING has set the standard for connection technology for innovative IP65 / IP67 installation concepts with its new generation of the PushPull series.

The multifunctional PushPull connector is available for data, signal and power applications and provides a concept with many connector mating faces. In the era of easy and fast installation with fool-proofing in rugged industrial environment, Push-Pull Connectors are boon to the industry whether it is Automotive, Machinery & Robotics, PGTD, Transportation or Process control.  Push-Pull connection is a mechanism where the standard housings can be used to accommodate Standard RJ45, USB, LC, SCRJ,Power connection up to 5 x 16Amp, mini Display port of 20 pin, 10 & 20 pin signal connectivity etc.

                             HARTING PushPull Range of Connectivity

The 4-pole module for 48 V (12 A) or the 3-pole module for 250 V (16 A) can be used to supply power to the distributed field devices

(IEC61 076-3-106 variant 4)

This extremely compact and space-saving series provides an Ethernet appliance connection with degree of protection IP65 / IP67. The RJ45 variant for copper conductors and the LC variant for FOCs are available as modules for data connectors.

Han® PushPull
(IEC 61 076-3-117 variant 14)

This series represents the standard PROFINET device interface for the IP67 environment of the German automobile manufacturing industry (AIDA). The connector is available as metal and as plastic version.

The RJ45 module for copper conductors and the SCRJ module for FOCs are available as data connectors. The RJ45 variant is realized by means of the RJ Industrial module equipped with HARAX® quick connection technology. The power module which is installed in the same container can be assembled on-site, either with crimp contacts or with innovative Quick Lock® technology in order to wire distributed field devices to 230/400 V (16 A) power. This 5-pole connector enables the transfer of two independent 24 V control circuits with functional ground, or the transfer of a three-phase voltage of 400 V (16 A).

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