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Han® 1A system cabling for signal transmission

Pre-assembled and universally usable in the smallest installation space

Miniaturisation is a constant and current challenge in the industry. Smaller and smaller compact interfaces are needed for ever smaller drives, for example in mechanical engineering or robotics.

Just "plug and play" - done!

The smallest connector in the Han® portfolio is the Han® 1A. Although it is ideally suited for assembly "in the field", on-site working conditions are often not ideal for processing them safely. Here HARTING has a product range with pre-assembled system cables for this.

Pre-assembled to customer specifications, with industrial grade PVC cable and tested in accordance with the high HARTING Quality Guidelines, all that is required of the user is "plug and play". The connection is therefore compact, fast and without the risk of wiring errors which can quickly occur in field assembly.

Signal transmission is 6.5A and 50V. All system cables meet degree of protection IP65 when plugged in.

Han® 1A system cabling is used in heaters, fans, control terminals and industrial lighting, small motor drives, vibratory conveyors and conveyor belts, and connections inside electrical cabinets.

Pre-assembled Han® 1A system cabling for signal transmission, available as a lever or clip version.

Han® 1A as overmolded version

With the overmolded version for Han® 1A signal system cabling, we are following the trend towards miniaturisation. These compact and robust system cables transmit up to 6.5 A and 50 V power and fulfil protection class IP66/67 in a plugged cable-to-cable solution. Tested to the highest quality standards, the pre-assembled system cabling can be used via "plug & play".

Pre-assembled overmolded Han® 1A system cabling also available as a lever or clip version.
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