HARTING develops future-proof cabling for your Industry 4.0 factory upgrade

Industry 4.0 is driving the trend towards Smart Factories and HARTING is constantly developing solutions to make this a reality.

The Smart Factory enables the connection of the real and virtual world with sensors and actuators interfacing to the cloud via the internet. New equipment to support this integrated industry approach will need to be compact, robust, modular and quick and easy-to-use. It will also need to be installed in a decentralised manner and connected to the three lifelines of industry; power, signal and data.

To help create Smart Factories, data networking in production applications needs to be easily upgradable by Automation Systems Integrators and Installers. To achieve this, HARTING have developed preLink®, a future-proof cabling system which allows seamless cabling installation into existing sites. By using this easy, field-assembly solution, installation can be flexible and operator-friendly. This reduces the time and cost associated with upgrading to future-proof networking solutions and  developing smart factories.

Future-proof cabling solution

HARTING’s preLink® termination system helps drive the change towards an Industry 4.0 factory upgrade. Using the Ha-VIS preLink® Assembly tool, it’s easy to create a highly reliable IDC terminal block termination, thanks to this one-step press tool which allows for an error-free process.

Watch the video below to see this simple cable field termination assembly process in action.

prelink cable field termination assembly process

The operator can hand assemble preLink® patch leads into separate connector carriers, which are then simply clicked into the main housings, ensuring a secure connection.

Pre-terminated, end-to-end preLink® terminal block patch leads are also available with a handy drag-through end cover, which simplifies the process of installation in cramped spaces.

Protection & Performance

The preLink® solution offers three different performance options; a 10/100Mbit Cat 5e, 1Gbit fast Ethernet and up to 10GBit with Cat 6EA. If you are planning staged performance system upgrades or need to carry out extensions, you will only need to replace and re-wire the low cost terminal block modules as the connector carriers themselves are completely reusable.

Applications that require a high level of protection against harsh environmental conditions and vibration can also be connected securely using the preLink® solution.

  • IP20 for RJ45 (option for IP65/67 when fitted in alternative HARTING housings)
  • IP65/67 for M12, making them ideal for industrial and railway applications.
Ha-Vis prelink

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