HARTING embraces the challenges of a smarter future

At HARTING, our slogan "Pushing Performance" challenges us to constantly innovate and maintain the optimal quality of our products. Here are just some of the areas in which we are embracing change and driving advancements.

Rigid production schedules and facilities are rapidly becoming outdated. As such, modularly structured production equipment is required in order to improve flexibility and allow manufacturing processes to be adapted quickly. With a portfolio of over 50 different inserts, the Han-Modular® allows you to create and produce a bespoke connector for your specific applications. In addition, the Han® HMC provides reliable transmission of power, data and signals for up to 10,000 mating cycles, making it the ideal solution for facilities that require frequent re-configurations.

Han Modular
ix Industrial

As the Industry 4.0 evolution picks up pace, machinery and equipment are becoming more compact and complex. This can create issues as traditional connectors take up more and more of the available space on components. With the ix Industrial®, HARTING have designed a robust, space-saving replacement for the RJ45. It has a 70% smaller PCB jack, enabling manufacturers to use it in much smaller devices, which can then more easily meet the needs of miniaturisation.

M8 D-coded

Similarly, the M8 D-coded is PoE-capable, meaning it can simultaneously supply data and power, eliminating the need for additional power interfaces. In addition, it is 30% smaller than conventional M12 connectors yet still able to supply devices with 100 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet.


Another driver of the Industry 4.0 evolution is the move towards digitisation of industrial manufacturing, service and maintenance functions. Utilising an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) reader allows you to digitally monitor the physical location of items and assets. RFID is extremely flexible and can even be used in process-driven environments. For example, it can be employed in hospitals to track, locate and digitally update the sterilisation history of medical equipment such as surgical instruments.

MICA Edge Computing device is the key to accessing the power of a digital retrofit, which is the process of upgrading a legacy or un-digitalised machine into a connected, digitalised device. This allows you to capture and monitor energy data from machines, making new servicing and maintenance strategies possible. As a result, machine data can be digitally accessed remotely and optimum refurbishment scheduling can be introduced, extending machine lifetimes.


To support the development of new ideas and technological advancements, the ability to offer high-quality, bespoke products that turn these ideas into reality is crucial. Customisation is the solution to customers' special requirements and HARTING combine market-leading products with expert knowledge and advanced production facilities to develop the best solutions for you. From our purpose-built facility in Northampton, we can adapt and modify a range of products including connectors, hoods, housings and cables to meet your specific requirements.