Contacts HARTING Brazil


Alameda Caiapós, 643

CEP: 06460-110 - Barueri - SP - Brazil
Telefone: +55 11 5035-0073

Managing Director - Latin America

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Poliana Lanari
Managing Director

Customer Service

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Raquel Costa
Customer Service Coordinator

Field Sales Engineer

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Daniel Ried
Field Sales Engineer – South Region
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Jefferson Silva
Field Sales Engineer - São Paulo Region

Supply Chain

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Ana Alonso
Supply Chain Coordinator


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Juliana Neri
Controlling and Finance Manager
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Claudimara Almeida
Administrative Analyst


Sales Manager - South America

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Ivo Belo
Sales Manager


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Larissa Barros
Customer Service Assistant
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Leia Maia
Customer Service Intern


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Luis Grateron
Field Sales Engineer - South America (except Brazil)


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André Meira
Marketing Assistant


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Cristopher Mol
Engineering Analyst
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Renato Barboza
Engineering Technician Support


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Gustavo Moreira
Finance Analyst • Finance/Controlling
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Humberto Fernandes
Finance Assistant



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Jerônimo Marinho
Processes and Operations Coordinator
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João Reis
Logistics Coordinator • Operations