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Here you will find our General Terms, Sales and Deliver Conditions and also more documents about customer Information:

General Terms and Conditions of HARTING s.r.o.

Declaration of Origin

Since 1st July 2017, it is possible to download the Preferential Origin of Goods together with the goods overview, which originate in the below listed manufacturers.

Such overview can be used as a base for EUR1, etc.

HARTING Electric GmbH & Co.KG, DE-Espelkamp

HARTING Electronics GmbH & Co.KG, DE-Espelkamp

This Declaration relates solely to the goods listed in the given overview, made by HARTING and listed in the invoice. 

Misuse of the abovementioned Declaration for the purpose of obtaining the Preferential Origin may result in the following consequences:

  • Financial: Misleading or incorrect Declaration to obtain the Preferential Origin shall result in cancellation of the issued EUR1 document, submitting of the goods to the Custom Office and subsequent reimbursement of the given custom duty. 
  • Criminal: Misuse of the Declaration is considered a misdemeanour, which shall lead to criminal prosecution.
  • Civil Code: According to the Civil Code, the Declaration guarantees the properties of the goods. Client may claim any damages caused by an incorrect property description of the goods.   

 It follows that a great caution is necessary when verifying the preferential origin of the goods. Only the verified and clearly documentary Declaration is valid.

Considering the changes in the law related to preferential origin, the declaration from the supplier may only be provided based on a direct requirement from the client.

Complaints Procedure HARTING s.r.o.

GTC for Ethernet Switch repairation and for Conditions for Servis Package „5-year service“