Single Pair Ethernet: HARTING cooperates with TE Connectivity

There are several SPE standards in IEEE 802.3 covering wired Ethernet technology for LANs and WANs. The latest, 802.3cg 10Base-T1, for distances up to 1 km, will be released in 2019. SPE allows for a single open, scalable Ethernet-based network within the automation system. This significantly reduces complexity, costs and enables to go beyond existing borders.

In IEEE 802.3 gibt es mehrere SPE-Standards, die die kabelgebundene Ethernet-Technologie für LANs und WANs abdecken. Der neueste 802.3cg 10Base-T1 für Entfernungen von bis zu 1 km wird 2019 veröffentlicht. SPE ermöglicht ein offenes, skalierbares Ethernet-basiertes Netzwerk innerhalb eines Automatisierungssystems. Dies reduziert die Komplexität und die Kosten erheblich und ermöglicht das Überschreiten der bestehenden Grenzen.

TE and HARTING are inviting companies to partner up to drive Single Pair Ethernet as the infrastructure solution for the fast growing IIoT market. “Single Pair Ethernet is the technology on which we will build the road to the future success of the IIoT,” says Eric Leijtens, Global Product Manager Industrial Communication, TE Connectivity. “With the new interconnection standard IEC 63171-6, we have an outstanding opportunity to reap the full potential of the Industrial Internet of Things,” says Frank Welzel, Director Product Management, HARTING Electronics.

When it comes to Ethernet, we rely on four small giants.