Made for Industrial Ethernet: How to Apply and Test the ix Industrial Miniaturized Ethernet Interface

Join HARTING and Fluke Networks to learn why miniaturized Ethernet is so important and how to test it with your devices and systems.


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In this joint web seminar hosted by HARTING and Fluke Networks you will learn about the capabilities and opportunities of the HARTING ix Industrial Ethernet interface and how to test it based on the testing infrastructure built by Fluke Networks.

In the past, Ethernet testing was developed and optimized for the office and a data center environment. Industrial Ethernet has different requirements.  This webinar will focus on how to  configure and perform relevant, reproducible and standards-compliant tests of high performance Industrial Ethernet links with a strong focus on ix style connectors.

The HARTING ix Industrial® ethernet connector is a reliable interface for device manufacturers. It requires up to 70% less space and is more robust and durable compared to a standard RJ45 solution. With this capabilities the ix Industrial®is a great option to face todays challenges posed by Industry 4.0 and the IoT.



Maximilian Rohrer

Product Manager
HARTING Electronics GmbH

"With ix Industrial® we support users on the way to the industrial megatrend of miniaturization.

Christian Schillab

EMEA Marketing Engineer
Fluke Networks

Christian Schillab works for Fluke Networks Europe since 1997 as a Marketing Engineer for Media Test Products. In the past as a member for British Standards and today as a member of German Standards DKE/GAK 715.3.2 and AK 651.2.1 he actively participates as an expert on the topics of field and component testing. Since 1982 he worked for North American manufactures of Telecom Test & Measurement - Spectron, NAVTEL and Nextest – in different sales, marketing and market development positions for EMEA


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