HARTING Automotive develops and produces charging equipment for electric and plug-in-hybrid vehicles. Our products have the approvals and certificates relevant for all specific market sectors and legal requirements worldwide

Solutions for all relevant market sectors

HARTING Automotive has charging cables that cover all standards worldwide, for charging with alternating current, three-phase current or direct current, from 230 to 1,000 volts. These include mode-2 charging cables (featuring integrated temperature monitoring and DC fault current detection) and mode-3 charging cables in various versions.

Wide range of product types

HARTING Automotive's charging cables are available in various versions suited for all globally standardised AC charging interfaces, as well as for high-power DC charging with CCS Combo. Thus, they are able to fit the three different connector systems worldwide. Special variants can be used as exchangeable cable sets for use with "in-cable" chargers (IC-CPD).

We can also produce our charging plugs and charging cables in customised designs, regardless of the brand, colour or feel.

Charging cable for wall boxes and Mode2

With type-2 vehicle charging plugs for connecting to mode-2 charging cables or wall boxes.


  • VDE / CE


With type-1 vehicle charging plugs for connecting to mode-2 charging cables or wall boxes.


  • UL / CE 
  • JET | PSE / CE


With type-GB/T vehicle chargings plug for connecting to mode-2 charging cables or wall boxes.


  • CQC

Mode 3 charging cable

Mode 3 charging cable for public charging stations.

  • Versions with type-2 plugs
  • Version with type-GB/T plugs
  • Customised version (e.g. type-2 to type-1)

Vehicle charging cable COMBO-HighPower

Combo type-2 charging cables for connecting to fast-charge stations.

  • Up to 200 kW charging power (200 A / 1,000 V)
  • Smallest contact resistance, small cross-section
  • Optimised thermal management (no hot surfaces)
  • Functional, compact housing design with outstanding feel and best handling

Ladesteckdose Typ-2

AC-Ladesteckdose zum Laden von Elektrofahrzeugen

  • Einbau in eine AC-Ladestation / Wallbox
  • Zum Laden von Elektrofahrzeugen mit Wechselstrom für den europäischen Markt
  • Einsatz von Ladekabeln mit Typ-2-Ladestecker nach IEC 61851-1 und IEC 62196-2

Connection point plug and flange

For IC-CPD and wall boxes.

  • Can be used in mobile chargers
  • Can be used worldwide
  • Contact (touch) protection according to UL/VDE requirements
  • Customised design

E-Mobility Accessories

E-Mobility Accessories

  • Plug holder for type-2 charging cables
  • Individualization by gel label
  • Front mounting
  • Easy one-hand operation

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