Charging mobile work machines

Manufacturing and logistics processes which are smooth and very efficient: this is becoming increasingly important, especially in times of individualisation. When working with single-piece batches, manufacturing and logistics have to change and adapt to meet the requirements. Optimising the in-house flow of goods is one of many aspects involved here.

Smart technologies for smart factories

AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), including autonomous forklifts or other self-driving units, are no longer a dream of the future but already a reality at many companies. Contributing to efficient production, these AGVs ensure the fully automatic transport and just-in-time provision of components. They also ensure a flexible intra-logistic flow of goods.

Even as the flow of goods in production and intra-logistics becomes increasingly automated, the classic manned forklift is retaining its dominant role in goods transport and handling for the time being. This is especially true for electric forklifts, because they combine high efficiency with environmental friendliness, thanks to their low-noise operations and zero emissions.

HARTING Automotive – the driver for intelligent charging systems

Regardless of whether it is an AGV or an electric forklift, both have to be recharged quite frequently. This is the only way to ensure just-in-time deliveries and to utilise the machines optimally. HARTING Automotive also provides charging solutions for mobile work machines – and is continually advancing the development of intelligent charging systems for such machines. 

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