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Electromobility for the future – with HARTING as your partner

In the coming years, electromobility will become more and more important. And that does not just apply to the car and truck sectors. Inquiries coming in from bus operators, parcel logisticians and intra-logistics confirm that these sectors are also increasingly interested in e-mobility.

Electromobility for the future – with HARTING as your partner

HARTING Automotive's products cover a wide range of electromobility applications. These range from products for rail applications, to infrastructure solutions for future mobile work machines and modern automotive charging solutions.

We provide solutions for the entire supply chain: including the generation of energy, its transmission, and conversion for use in electric vehicles. From our complete range of products, we deliver the right products to transmit power, signal and data for applications which generate and provide the energy for electromobility.


Charging at household electrical outlets

Charge at the socket at home or on the go. Learn more!

Charging at public charging stations

There is a Mode-3 cable in the trunk for charging at freely accessible charging stations. Learn more!

Ultra-fast charging

Powerful fast charging using a DC charging plug ensures less waiting.

Charging at mobile work machines

For business models that are based on usage time, industrial trucks and forklifts must be recharged as quickly as possible. Learn more!

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